Zoo and Wildlife Parks in Menorca

The Menorca Zoo is an oft overlooked attraction on the island that offers a unique interactive experience with a wide variety of animals not often seen so "close up". Amongst Zoo's in Spain the one in Menorca is Unique in its location, layout and above all interactive experience!


From Zoo Kids learn about the animals that live on Menorca, such as goats, sheep and cows, but there are lemurs and macaques too. An Australian section contains wallabies and emus and there are lots of birds and reptiles. A lot of the animals are in partly-open enclosures and you can get really close and pet some of them. Sometimes there remains play area and café.


How many Zoo's can claim to have a perfectly preserved genuine dwelling from prehistoric man in the middle of their grounds!

Lloc de Menorca Zoo

Lloc de Menorca Zoo

Has grown into a delightful place for young and old to get close to an expanding range of native and more exotic ( smaller ) animals in very pleasant surroundings. Features several walk through landscaped enclosures where animals roam free and small children can see easily. Enough to entertain children and adult animal lovers alike.
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