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Minorca or Menorca (official name) is the second largest of the Balearic Islands, located to the northeast of Mallorca and is the least overrun and most tranquil of the Balearics. Due to its unspoilt beauty, it allows the more adventurous the opportunity to discover new charms and experiences. Despite its smaller size among other Spanish islands, the number of beaches that Menorca has equals the number of beaches that can be found in Mallorca and Ibiza combined. The possibility of having a beautiful beach largely to yourself in the summer, combined with alfresco dining and peaceful holiday resorts, makes Menorca a highly desirable place to visit.

One of the most important things to do before retiring to Spain is to plan for your old age. British consular officials recommend you do this ahead of time, when you are still physically and mentally fit. Most Spanish pensioners live with and are looked after by their own families. Unless you are fortunate enough to have family members close by, the same level of care is unlikely to apply to you.

Mahon and Ciutadella have fabulous fresh food markets in the town centers. Ferreries holds a special local craft and farmer’s fair market on Saturday mornings in the town centre. Best to visit are the larger travelling markets at Ciutadella ( 40 stalls) and Mahon( 80 stalls ). Best deals are shoes and some clothing items. Some nice jewelry and accessories on offer.

Dentists and Teeth Whitening

Dentists and Teeth whitening

For the Dentist in Menorca the comfort of patients and their families is of the utmost importance to provide the highest level of dental care possible using the very latest techniques and equipment.
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Health clinics and Hospitals

Health Clinics and Hospitals

Hospitals and Clinics provide acute and specialist services to people within Menorca and surrounding communities. Local hospitals – City Hospital, the Queen’s Medical Centre, Children’s Hospital.
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Menorca has earned a reputation for leading the way when it comes to style and the city has the shopping credentials to match. Eclectic, unique, Menorca fashion scene is all about expressing yourself
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