Night Clubs is in Menorca

Menorca is always described in comparison to it's neighbours Menorca and Ibizia as 'quiet'. That's true by their standards but it doesn't mean there's not plenty of good (and lively) places for the young and not so young to go out in the evenings. The biggest concentration of the best nightlife is located in the harbour areas of the island's two cities - Ciutadella and Mahon.


Only a few of the beach resorts have a 'discotech' ( usually an area of a bar ) but most may offer a bar or two featuring a floor space for some late night movers. Most of the island's best dance venues and clubs though are in Mahon (Mao) and Ciutadella. Don't forget though life here in summer is about late eating and even later going out , so don't turn up before 11 or midnight or you might be alone! Check for opening times which maybe from midnight onwards.


Bigger clubs will generally have multiple spaces for latest dance music as well as classic 70,80 and 90s dance beats ( yes for us older ones! ). Latin music has gained a foothold with the recent influx of immigrants from Brazil and Argentina, so you will find Salsa,Tango etc.



Set right against the cliff in Mahón, Akelarre is always lively with cool jazz music and heady cocktails.Be sure to try the rich menu full of snacks. If you come during the weekend, you will find suggestions that should be explored. Taste the day and night in Mahón savoring with your friends our proposals.
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